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Seattle is a hotbed for welding. Many different technical and trade schools in the Seattle area offer welding programs awarding associates' degrees. Different programs can offer you training in underwater welding, tungsten arc welding, flux core arc welding, fabrication, cutting, shaping and shearing. If you are interested in a vocational training in welding, contact any Seattle institution where such programs are offered. Learning the art of welding can be a great way to make money in this troubled economy. There are also several creative metalworking programs available for those who are interested in using welding to create art. Once again, vocational and technical schools will have information on these programs if they are present at the Seattle institution you are looking at. Also, art schools in the Seattle area might also offer programs like this.

If you are a Seattle resident looking for a welding business to help you out, there are multiple companies available. You can help with all your welding needs, whether you need work on automotive parts or if you need some commercial metalwork work done. Also, given Seattle's location on the water, you may need to use an underwater welding service. Underwater welding is often quite costly, so you may need to compare pricing for multiple businesses. Directories of Seattle welding companies are all over the internet; also, these businesses are available through the yellow pages of the phone book and dialing information.

Many welders in the area also specialize in other services, such as ironwork and metal railing and siding. Some welding businesses operate out of machine shops, allowing them to make parts for machines in addition to fusing machine parts together. Some shops in Seattle may also sell welding supplies, such as safety goggles and gloves, and heat masks. Also, welding supply stores in Seattle also might sell canisters of gas for a wide variety of different household projects. If you ever need a big tank of CO2, a welding supply store might be able to help you out. There are many industrial supply stores in Seattle, so you may only be a phone call or a drive away from having your metalworking needs taken care of.
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